Coastal Challenge

Our Coastal Challenge is a two day event that involves walking a 38 mile stretch of the Wales Coast Path between Tudweiliog and Abersoch. The walk is along the picturesque and well sign posted coastal path so unless you specifically request a leader we will let you get on with the walk at your own pace. Don’t worry though we are not abandoning you, you will be able to call us at any time and we will come and assist if required. To add extra challenge into the event we will meet you at designated locations along the route to deliver a kick of adrenaline. The optional challenges could include a cliff jump into the sea, a sea level traverse, a kayak across a bay, a rock climb or an abseil off a massive cliff. All these optional challenges are lead and supervised by qualified staff.

The cliff jump is a day 1 option and involves changing into a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet then jumping into the sea from a height of about 8mtrs before scrambling back on to dry land.

Sea level traversing is a day 1 option and involves climbing horizontally along a section of tidal rocks while clipped on to a safety rope.

Kayaking is a day 1 option and involves changing into a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet then making your way across a bay using a sit on top kayak.

Rock climbing is a day 2 option and involves climbing short routes on the mountain crag at Rhiw.

Abseiling is a day 2 option and involves lowering yourself down a huge cliff on the Cilan headland before walking back up to the top.

Event Itinerary

Pre event evening – the team gathers in Tudweiliog for introductions and an event briefing at the local pub. Once plans have been finalised you will be free to make your way to the local campsite where tents will be set up for everyone.

Day 1 - Tudweiliog to Aberdaron - 18 miles – Breakfast will be prepared for 0800 before starting the walk at 0900. We will help dismantle the tents and move them to Aberdaron ready for your arrival. The route heads south west and takes you through countryside, along sandy beaches and over open mountains. You will see plenty of wildlife including birds, seals and possibly dolphins. As you walk round the southernmost tip of the peninsula you will see Ynys Enlli, Bardsey Island which is said to be the burial place of thousands of saints.
Once the team have arrived in Aberdaron and the day time activities have been completed there will be a meal and a drink in one of the local pubs. We will be there to see how everyone is getting on and discuss the schedule for the following day. Your tents and camping equipment will have been transported and re-erected close to the pub in Aberdaron.

Day 2 - Aberdaron to Abersoch - 20 miles - Breakfast will be prepared for 0800 before starting the walk at 0900. Once again we will help dismantle the tents and pack up the camp site. The walk starts off going through fields and along lanes before you get to the hill top village of Rhiw. The route then continues around Porth Neigwl, Hells Mouth to the Cilan headland and on to Port Ceriad. Once round the final headland you will be walking alongside the Tudwals islands before reaching the home straight and Abersoch. We will meet you in Abersoch where you will have the option of some food and drink before we transport you back to the start point and your vehicles.

What we supply – 2 x evening meals, 2 x breakfasts, 2 x packed lunches, minibus support, tents, campsite fees, instruction, activity equipment, maps, goody bag.

Personal equipment – each team member should bring the following
Warm clothing
Waterproof clothing
Walking boots or shoes
Sleeping bag
Old trainers

Up to 10 participants £2000
11 to 20 participants £4000

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